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Space Shooter

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  The Munky Says

.Game Description

Simple HTML5 web game similar to galaga but with 3D graphics.


Arrow Keys to move & CTRL to shoot. Press ‘R’ to restart the game.

.Dev Comments

First project based on Unity’s ‘Space Shooter’ tutorial. With very little prior coding knowledge (basic visual basic & html – if you call this coding), I was able to follow the unity tutorial to create this game. I would like to stress that this required no creativity, planning and quite possible very little IQ.  The tutorial was very easy to follow and there is an extensive community to help with the tutorial if you do get stuck.

Unity was on version 5 when I followed this tutorial which was created with a prior version. Be sure to check out their upgrade guide as well as their Q&A forum. When you reach the “Adding Scores” section of the tutorial, you may have some trouble following their GUI text display steps. I couldn’t get the GUI text to display in my game or scene view. I ended up using a UI -> Text component instead. To do this, I added a new empty object -> Add Component -> UI -> Text. You can use this tutorial to help you get more details on how to play around with the settings for the text to show up. Another thing to note: To create a “Text” variable you will need to ensure that the unity UI engine is being used. I added this to the top of my code:

using UnityEngine.UI;

This allowed me to use the “Text” variable type (“Public(or Private) Text VARIABLENAMEHERE;”).

The game also includes a few more features that were added in:

  • Scrolling background
  • Different Asteroid Prefabs Features

I would like to add:

  • Enemy ship (this is included in Unity’s extended tutorial
  • High scores leaderboard
  • High scores that can be submitted to a PHP database (this can possibly be applied to all games that I create going forward to increase some competition :)).

With the same code/build used in the space shooter tutorial, I was also thinking about applying this concept to a “frogger” type game or the classic car & oil spill type of game (don’t remember the name of the many renditions of this game).

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