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Frontline Defender

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Frontline Defender is an action-packed strategy-shooter game! Your city is under siege from enemy troops and things look desperate as your soldiers have fallen back, with only a small barricade to protect them. Everything’s on your shoulders now! Pick up the slack of your fellow soldiers and shoot any remaining enemies upon sight! It’s time to shape up your soldiers, tighten up your defenses and sharpen your aim as you defend the ruins of your once glorious city!

Controls Shoot – Use mouse to aim, left click to fire. Reload weapon – R key. Payload – W key. Pan camera left/right – A/W keys respectively. Throw grenade – Q key. Select weapon – 1-9 number keys. Pause – P key.

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Game Format Flash

Developer FOG

Host Free Online Games

Genre Action, Shooter

System Requirements Windows, Mac, Linux, Web browser (latest) & flash

Critic Rating 4.0



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